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  • Liliana
    My husband has problems with the bathroom. During the night he could get up 3 to 6 times. His mood was getting worse every day. He didn't want to go to the hospital, he said he would go alone. Probably shy. I went to the doctor myself. He advised Prostamin Forte, saying he is safe and suitable for prophylaxis. He began to accept and felt relief.
    Prostamin Forte
  • Tiago
    The drug Prostamin Forte is really effective in the treatment of prostatitis. My acute form of the disease disappeared on the 4th day of hospitalization. But I continued to take the capsules until the end of the prophylaxis course. It's been 3 months since taking it, but my pains aren't coming back. The doctor advised to drink the course as a preventive measure once every six months.
    Prostamin Forte
  • Ykharo
    Good drug, fast acting. It is not customary to talk about such problems with friends, at work, and even the doctor is not easy to tell. But I had to, because the pain was unbearable. As a result, the diagnosis was acute prostatitis. On the advice of a doctor, I started taking Prostamin Forte and immediately felt a positive effect.
    Prostamin Forte
  • Tomás
    I have not had any prostate problems. I decided to drink Prostamin Forte for the prevention of prostate disease. It is convenient to take the capsules, only once a day. I felt the effect of taking it in a week. The drug, as a general tonic, increased libido, I felt a surge of strength.
    Prostamin Forte
  • Pina
    I treated prostatitis with folk remedies, because I don't like taking chemotherapy pills. The results of the treatment were not always pleasant. When I saw Prostamin Forte with a natural composition, I was happy with the herbal ingredients in the capsule. I ordered it on the website and after a month of taking it, I regretted not having learned about the drug earlier.
    Prostamin Forte
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